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Circulatory care package

Circulatory care package

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High blood, Varicose veins, Cholesterol

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is not a disease in itself, in the sense that Ghere are no symptoms of illness produced by raised raised blood pressure alone, even when it is quite severe. Rather it is risk factor, like smoking or a fatty diet, which makes it more likely that other illnesses will occur.
Both strokes and heart attacks are more common in people with high blood pressure. High blood pressure also makes the heart work harder. In the early stages this makes the heart muscle get larger, to cope with the increased work it has to do. In more advanced disease, particularly if the heart has been weakened by myocardial infarction or by damage to the system which makes it beat regularly, the heart may fail.

In hospitals they use drugs to remove the excess fluid from the body: diuretics (water tablets.) In some cases it is possible to improve the efficiency of the heart in various ways, for example with drugs to make it beat at amore effective rate.

Drugs don't cure the disease, but suppress or quieten the pain.

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These products get reed of the illness forever.