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Brain Care for Package

Brain Care for Package

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Many of the diseases and disorders that affect the brain are progressive and their incidence and prevalence increase with age. The loss of cognitive and functional abilities affects the individual and his or her family in profound ways. Caring for adults with cognitive impairments is often very stressful and demanding. Care giving can span result in extreme economic hardship. Yet the most common brain diseases such as cerebra vascular disease, brain degenerative disorder, memory problems and sleep disorders can be prevented by obtaining optimum nutritional status.

Result of Disorder in the Brain Can lead to the following:

1. Stroke

2. Insomnia

3. Dementia

4. Alzheimer


1. GREEN WORLD SOYBEAN LECITHIN SOFTGEL: Soy Lecithin the building blocks of healthy cell membrane; prevents damage especially to brain and liver cells by oxidation, free radicals and toxin. Soy lecithin is an essential element in the lining of brain cells and has been proposed as a remedy for various neurological diseases and memory problems.

Characteristics and benefits:

It increases metabolism, promotes immunity, strengthens the nervous system, nourishes the brain, protects the liver, gives a beautiful complexion and retards the process of aging, It prevents gall-stones, Microcirculation of intestine and regulation of constipation.

2. GREEN WORLD GINKGO BILOBA PLUS CAPSULE: It’s widely touted as a ‘brain herb’, which improves cerebral blood flow and oxygen supply to brain cells. Ginkgo Biloba has antioxidant property that neutralise free radicals thus prevent and mend oxidative damage to the brain cells.

3. GREEN WORLD DEEP SEA FISH OIL SOFTGEL : It can restrict platelet aggregation and prevent thrombosis; lower triglycerides and cholesterol in blood thus reduce the risk for neurovascular diseases.

4. GREEN WORLD MULTI-VITAMIN TABLET: Help brain development and repair damage. A variety of vitamins and minerals ensure excellent brain function.


This product is one of a kind, brought to you by Green World. Compound marrow powder is gotten from extracts of encephala, spinal cord, elite of antrum bone. It reserves the intrinsic function of marrow and supply nutrition to the brain and spinal cords.

Amazingly, it contains high concentrated protein, phosphate, pollen, organic calcium, vitamins and micro elements. It is a product very effective for every one students, children, aged, computer users e.t.c... this is because it is rich enough to keep the brain active and healthy.

As we get older, the physiological function of sleep regulation gets weaker. Long term discomfort due to work, stress and vexation can lead to insomnia, troubled and dream disturbed sleep, which may decline the immune function and quicken aging.

7. Lipid Care Tea

Suggested use: 10-15 minutes before sleep.