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am a happy grandmother from South Africa. From 2011 l started feeling pain on my joints. The knee pain made my walking very slow and uncomfortable. My knuckles also hurt. This made my daily activities miserable. I couldn't cook and sew as well l did before. 
Arthritis is very common in women at my age. If it goes severe we just buy some pain killers, otherwise we have to silently bear the pain. I believe this is part of aging process. One day l was advised to pay a visit to Green world Shop at Randburg and after that my life has totally changed. 
I was quite impressed by what they offered in the shop. From the posters on the wall l saw an interesting one about health problems and what Green world products can help. I found the product names for arthritis. After l confirmed with Sicelo Nkiwane, l purchased two products, which were Green world Compound Marrow Powder and Blueberry Super Nutrition . After taking combination for three days l experienced great difference on my joint pain. Both the knee pain and finger pain were relieved. 
I was so happy and encouraged that l went to the shop for the second time and bought Joint Health Capsule recommend by Sicelo Nkiwane again. I also wanted to try Green world products on my beloved grand-daughter. She is a lovely fourteen years old kid . She have severe joint pain on her left elbow. The pain made it difficult to lift her arm .
I asked help from Sicelo Nkiwane in the shop again he suggested to use Magic Detox Pad on her arm. He explained in details how to paste the pad on the aching joint. I followed her advice and washed my grand-daughter's elbow with Green World Kuding tea after the Detox Pad was removed. 
Now my grand-daughter is free of the elbow pain and goes back to that happy and lovely girl whom l know. My arthritis has also improved a lot. I thank Green World for helping us going back to normal. Now l am a proud 4* distributor of Green World. If you know someone who has joint problems you won't be won't be wrong by recommending GREEN WORLD
Joyce kanyama
My name is Joyce kanyama. I'm a sixty six years old five star consultant of Green world under a team called Mentors. With much pleasure, l would like to thank God who gave me this tremendous golden opportunity to share my story with the world. True joy and happiness are available. If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtainable.
I was employed by the Harare City Ubarn Administration for solid seven years. During this period, l was strong as a fiddle by my own survival was threatened by this dangerous disease called elephantiasis This disease took me bad ridden from 5th October 2011 at Parirenyatwa General Hospital. These three months strained me most and my health deteriorated to near rock bottom level during the course of finding the expertise and solutions to get me out of predicaments. 
I was then transferred to St. Anne Hospital for further medical clues but to no avail. Enduring two more years at medical institution,my life has turned into turmoil of tragedy and sorrow due to this disease. Weighting 125 kg l could sense despair and dear ahead of me after having been discharged from hospital. 
I felt the hand of God reaching out to me through Green world products when l saw young man called Sicelo Nkiwane standing at the street corner talking vividly about Green world products.
His words echoed in my ears that Green world products really worked. I consulted this man and recommended kuding tea, intestine cleansing tea for detoxification; Meal cellulose for my constipation; Propolis and Garlic oil to battle against infection; Cardio power; CQ10; Soybean lecithin; to improve my blood and lymphatic circulation; Multi-Vitamin, Zinc, Calcium and Blueberry Juice to improve my general nutrition status; I shine to help me sleep and stay calm in such a great pain. 
Without any hesitation and l used those natural products. My body weight has reduced from 125 kg to 65 kg within three months. Almost half of my body weight was gone. My enlarged legs were shrinking and my pain has been suppressed. 
All l can say is, with Green world products,and happiness can be enhanced.
May God richly bless Green world and Mentors crew abundantly
Battle against obesity
My battle against obesity started at age of 18.l could write a book based on my painful experience. The most humiliating part of being obese was with my friends. Obesity has distorted me into a close-hearted woman who could hardly communicate with others. 
Sometimes l lost a few kilograms of body weight, however after a short period of time my body weight could regain twice what l had lost. 
After l fell in love l realized that l must keep on loosing weight in order to appear as a good match to my fiance. I bit the bullet when I was working toward my goal. I could never forget how much pain and starvation. I had endured before my wedding ceremony. Out of desperation once l tried a certain herb which was so deadly that even a little more of it could have killed me. 
All my efforts were for one goal to look pretty. To me my obesity was the evilest enemy. Afterwards l gave birth to my beautiful daughter. This caused severe regain of my body weight, which sent me deep depression. 
Dear friend, if you are fighting with overweight at the price of your life you will be able to understand what l was experiencing. When you were considered ugly by others, obesity and ugliness would haunt you constantly like poison. 
My body weight rocketed up to 85 kilograms after l gave birth to my daughter. Nothing helped. 
I was so inferior that l felt my soul was crying, "l want to lose weight".
Apart from depression, what l have suffered as the consequences of being obese was a the family status has declined and I was no more attractive to my husband, let alone being respected. I can forget that my mother yelped at me and humiliated me as a worthless freak who had bewitched my husband and ruined his life. 
Now l would like to say thank you to my mother-in-law for what she said to me. Her blame has turned into my motivation and I swore the day would come when l become a beautiful woman. 
Being hurt by my mother-in-law's abusive words l resumed my exercises in gym after maternity leave was over. After that time my baby daughter was only 7 months old. I restricted my diet until l had stomach ulcer and other health problems. I didn't stop what l was doing because l was not aware that the internal healthy was more important than a beautiful appearance. 
I couldn't image what my life could be without knowing about Green world sliming capsules, chitosan and pro-slim tea. 
With these products l have managed to reduce 25 kilograms of my body weight and my weight and waist circumference has shrunk 12 centimetres.So far l never experienced any weight regain.
After my body weight reduced to an ideal level, for the first time l fell in love with my self. I felt l am as light as butterfly. 
Shopping becomes my favourite hobby. Now l dress in a completely different style and attract admiring eyes because of l become a beautiful woman through my can say " l am beautiful and confident". 
I believe that l have the responsibilities and obligations to help those who are battling against obesity. My greatest pain is being unable to help those who are suffering. 
No matter you are pretty woman or a fit man. Green world slimming products brings you 100% efficacy. 
I'm not a doctor or dietitian. I'm only a woman who was in battle against obesity. What l know is how to lose weight maintaining optimum health.

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