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Green world | south Africa distributor


Green World has created a pay plan and marketing plan that is unmatchable in the industry.
As a businessman, the most critical area to look at in any network marketing company outside her products is ‘The Marketing Plan’ (the work required or what you have to do to earn what), and ‘The Compensation Plan’ (the reward for the work done or what you have to earn for the work done).
This is very important.

For you to become a distributor you must partner with GREEN WORLD by registering with only R120 At this point you’re considered to be a star one(*1) distributor.

A) A starter kit. Everything about GREEN WORLD, Distributor Card. a barge and a CD.
B) You also stand the chance of buying GREEN WORLD products at distributor’s price and use or sell and make a profit not less than 20% each.
Let me quickly say here that GREEN WORLD operates on ACCUMMULATIVE principle…whatever you buy now is added to your business for life. You can afford to buy in piecemeal or make a one time purchase, it does not matter.
After registration the following applies for other steps upward:
Make a once-off purchase of products for no less than R 2 500 or Accumulative \THREE-STAR CONSULTANT(*3).

Create FOUR direct networks, containing one Three-Star Consultant in each network

BENEFITS:The distributor of this status will receive 25% direct bonus & get a water purifier as bonus which is costing R1200 and it lasts for five years.


Create FOUR direct networks, containing one FOUR STAR (4*)-Star Consultant in each network & GET 30% BONUS


Create FOUR direct networks, containing one FIVE (5*)-Star Consultant in each network


  1. Free China Trip: if Six-Star qualified within six months since joining the business.


Create FOUR direct networks, containing one SIX -Star Consultant in each network get 40% nothing less than R15 000. & get a small car or R87 700-00AS YOUR BONUS

IF qualified within one year since joining the business,


Create FOUR direct networks, containing one SEVEN STAR (7*)-Star Consultant in each network & GET 45% BONUS Nothing less than R 40 000-00

As a Star-One Manager, you’re a shareholder in GREEN WORLD. A consultant of this status earns from the African shares quarterly 1% sales/profits & 45 % every month plus bonus of business trip destination of your choice. Two Star manager getting 1, 75% African shares quarterly & 45% every month plus a bonus of $35 000. Distributors of Three-Star Manager are qualified to get 2, 25% quarterly plus 45% bonus monthly then   you get a bonus of a house fund $150 000

Outside the strong financial, professional and structural standing of GREEN WORLD, the compensation and marketing plans are distributors’ friendly.

First is the Cumulative principle (you can buy in bits and is added up subsequently).

Second is the start-up capital…very low for all classes of people.

Thirdly, it’s the only network that you can earn bonuses from your personal purchases.

Fourthly, you need to sell the business opportunity to only 3 customers who will duplicate your effort and you’re on your way to financial independence.

Fifthly, unlike all other MLM companies, the percentage in bonuses you earn increases as your status increases. GREEN WORLD considers that the distributors who have worked hard in the company should be compensated optimally. But in other companies, it decreases.
Above all, the product does exactly what it promises to do. GREEN WORLD has excellent and quality products.

you don’t have any reason to complain of financial lack anymore. The only reason why you would remain poor is because of Laziness and Lack of ACTION.
Financial freedom lies in you doing the one thing that separates you from the rest of the crowd: taking action to get the things you want. Implementing, not just learning about it or talking about it.
My fear is whether this information in your hand would mean anything to you. Don’t be among the crowd that looks while only few see.
Network marketing is the last hope for the common man/woman. It’s just like any other business, but more than any other business…it has the power of leverage and residual earnings…earnings not just from your effort but from the effort of others.
What could be more than this?


Are you afraid of selling?
No…you don’t have an option…
No one makes money without selling anything…either products or services.

Think about it.
The only option you have is to sharpen your sales skills or learn how to sell more than others if financial freedom is your desire. And, it’s not difficult to learn.
We won’t leave you as an orphan when you join.
Truth is that we need you to succeed in order that we succeed also. You therefore have the opportunity of leveraging on my expertise to fast track your success.
As you join today, we shall expose to you the strategies and formulas that the big hitters employ in this industry.

As soon as you express your readiness to join by writing to us We will reply with the details and where you can find GREEN WORLD Specialty Shops in your area to register.
Once we become partners, you’ll begin to get from us marketing plans that will give advantage over others. You’ll also enjoy from our mass adverts by helping you to get some /customers/prospects.

“There are only 24 hrs in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year. Time is finite, which means something has to give. It’s not about whether you can read more, exercise more, pray more, it’s whether you’ll decide to invest your time accordingly. You have the time, it’s simply a matter of reallocating it toward what you most want to do and be.”…James Emery White.
Hear also what Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “It isn’t sufficient just to want- you’ve got to ask yourself what you’re going to do to get the things you want.”