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Once upon a time there was a professor, researcher and a doctor named Deming Lee, Chinese by birth American by education & billionaire by financial status. In 1994 she established a company called Green World that deals with health & wealth of which 4 research centres both in America & China produced 100% risk free natural herbal products as food supplements & health disorder remedies.
Having approved by organizations like Food & drugs associations, world health organization etc., Green World products came out at the right time when the drug based medications failed to help people as it can only deal with symptoms not the root cause of the diseases, therefore even professional doctors had adopted this ancient Chinese herbal way of healing that is based on an optimum health cycle


1. To buy products at 20% discount & make 20% profit when you resell the products.

2. You get paid for buying products, meaning you get compensated with cash back monthly.

3. You accumulate points whenever you buy products and the good news is the fact that our points don't lapse, meaning you will never be demoted in your current rank.

4. Remember your personal effort might not be enough, that’s why you are advised to build a team in order to be paid for your personal effort and your team members.

5. GETTING STARTED Join us with only R120, then get a membership card with your number and you get a Stater kit that explains the company from profile, products & marketing strategies including this compensation.

Your Journey to financial freedom

Then you invite & recruit 4 people to join your team. Where you all buy products worth R2500 each then you accumulate 250 points each and then you become a 4* Consultant and they become 3* Consultant in rank.
The company will compensate you with 25% referral commission adding up to R2600 as your pay, plus a bonus of a water purifier / Tournament cup worth R1 200 if you do it in one month.
Whereas when you help your 4 business partners to become 4* consultant as well & you are promoted to a 5* consultant and you earn 30% commission , gateway trip for 2 days and a scanning machine worth R10 000 if you do it in 1 month.

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