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Cancer occurs when cells start to behave differently,growing ,multiplying and spreading .

It is like a revolution in the body,where a group of cells stop working for the good of the whole and run riot;in cancer ,the immune system is overcome and the demage spreads.

Yet it may surprise you to know that cancer is ,for the large part ,a 20th century invention .The top 5 cancers - *lung,breast,stomach,colerectal and prostate* -were basically unheard of before the beginning of the 20th century .

The more developed a country ,the more prevalent is cancer due to industrialisation and chemicalisation .

conventional treatments see cancer very much as the enemy and *cut it out,burn it out through radiation or drug it out with chemotherapy* .All these weakens the body and can not be considered as break throughs.

We have ,it seems ,been unwittingly digging our own graves with the fork and knife - today's diet ,laced with chemicals and devoid of nutrients,oxidants in cigarettes and to the tumour promoters eg cow's milk .

Cancer patients live 4 times longer on Vitamin C ,E,B carotene ,Zinc and Selenium .Vitamin C and E are water solubles ,and are capable of protecting the tissues and fluids in the body .The mineral selenium has been known for fighting against cancer ;Professor Gerhard Schrauzer ,an expert on Selenium and cancer recommended 200-300mcg of Selenium for those who want optimal protection.


For cancer *prevention* use these products regularly *:Multivitamin,zinc tablet,blueberry juice,Selenium tablet,Deep sea fish oil,meal cellulose,garlic oil.*

The following products are used in conjunction with cancer treatment: *A power ,Ganodema capsules,Spirulina,Blueberry super nutrition,Grape seed extract.*

Ganodema and gingseng are considered as powerful immunity booster that restraints the spread of cancer cells and increase the functions of the T -cells that are capable of monitoring and destroying cancer cells.

A power capsules,is a combi nation of ganodema ,gingseng together with other herbs and it has the *strongest* effect against cancer.

Spirulina is a cocktail of multinutrients ,making it an ideal herb during chemotherapy and radiotherapy of cancer.

Blueberry super nutrition and grape seed extract are the strongest antioxidants and nutritional supplements recommended to those who are in rehabilitation phase after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Lets save lives!

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